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Here at Kristy Hoadley, I like to infuse different styles and concepts for engagement sessions, weddings, and creative work. I consider myself an editorial wedding photographer because the style of photography I deliver is elevated photojournalism. Editorial and photojournalistic photography may seem similar, but there are creative differences between the two.

With its rising popularity, there have been conflicting definitions of what constitutes “editorial photography” in the wedding industry. In this article, I’ll be breaking down the definition of what the term really means, debunking some common misconceptions, and explaining my approach here at Kristy Hoadley!

Couple sitting in a parking garage drinking champagne during editorial wedding shoot in Philadelphia

What is editorial wedding photography?

Similar to most art forms, editorial wedding photography doesn’t necessarily fit into one restricted box. Each wedding photographer who documents in an editorial fashion will have their own artistic way of expression, while still remaining true and accurate to the style.  

The best way to think about editorial photography is that the image is set up in a way that is considered “magazine-worthy.” You can imagine a jaw-dropping bride and groom portrait like that in fashion magazines. Editorial photos tell the beautiful love story of couples in a staged way but still look natural. You can also expect to see pretty details like the bride’s dress, wedding stationery, rings, jewelry, tablescapes, flower arrangements, etc. All of these images elicit a high-end, romantic luxury feel.

In general, editorial photos are:

  • Style: This style of wedding photography is more stylized and curated, often resembling images found in fashion magazines. There is an emphasis on creating visually striking and aesthetically pleasing compositions.
  • Approach: An Editorial wedding photographer may provide more direction to the couple and the bridal party, orchestrating poses and scenes to achieve a polished and artistic look. The focus is on creating visually appealing and narrative-driven images.
  • Outcome: The images produced by editorial wedding photographers often have a more polished and artistic feel. They may incorporate creative lighting, unique angles, and carefully composed shots to tell a visual story with a curated and artistic flair.
Groom posing on front porch for Editorial wedding at Ashford Estate
Bride getting ready posing with perfume for editorial wedding photography at Gardens at Applecross

Some common misconceptions about editorial wedding photography

Now that you know what constitutes “editorial wedding photography” and what doesn’t, it’s time to have some fun! There are three very common misconceptions that I hear pretty often as a photographer, so those are the ones we’ll be debunking here next. Plus, you’ll get to see one of my favorite celebrity editorial wedding photographs in action!


While yes, editorial is mainly geared towards magazines and publications, it is an artistic style and can be applied to more than one type of industry. Editorial photography has to do more with the artist (photographer), concept, and narrative than the specific industry that it’s applied to. I take tons of inspiration from the fashion world with my approach to this style! And I am very hands-on, directing you during your portraits. 


While I love a stylish, neutral wedding, I’m sorry to say that color is not what makes or breaks an editorial wedding! Minimalism and neutrals are beautiful, but Editorial photography can include any and all colors — go check out VOGUE and Harper’s Bazaar! 


Let me tell you this right now: you do not have to look like you’re walking in Paris Fashion Week to be considered editorial! Your wedding day will be full of love, laughter, and emotions, regardless of the documentation style you choose… which is why I photograph using a blend of photojournalism and editorial.

What is photojournalistic wedding photography?

This style is all about capturing candid, un-posed moments that happen naturally throughout the day. It’s about capturing the raw emotions and pure joy that you’ll undoubtedly experience on your wedding day. The beauty of this style is that it allows you to relive those little moments that you may have missed during the hustle and bustle of the day. It also allows you to see your family and friends in their truest form. I love this type of photography because it always feels genuine and authentic. As your wedding photographer, it’s important for me to capture these moments as they happen without interrupting them.

Some of the main features of photojournalistic images are:

  • Style: A documentary wedding photographer focuses on capturing candid, unposed moments as they naturally occur. The emphasis is on being a silent observer, allowing events to unfold organically without much interference.
  • Approach: The documentary style is characterized by a hands-off approach, with the photographer aiming to be unobtrusive and capture the day as it happens. The goal is to document the genuine emotions, reactions, and interactions of the couple and their guests without directing or staging.
  • Outcome: The resulting images reflect the authenticity and spontaneity of the wedding day, offering a sincere and unfiltered portrayal of the events.
Bride and groom laughing at Ballroom at the Ben

My approach at Kristy Hoadley

One of the most creative aspects of photography is being able to use a multitude of photographic styles in the same session or wedding. At Kristy Hoadley, I blend the best elements of both photojournalism and editorial, to offer comprehensive storytelling, with a modern and stylish look. It really is the best of both worlds.

I make sure to always have a mixture of both styles to share with my clients. I shoot editorial during the portraits of the bride and groom and details of the day. During the majority of the rest of the day – getting ready, ceremony, dinner, reception – I lean toward a more photojournalistic style. By mixing up the styles, you end up with a nice mixture of magazine-worthy and emotion-evoking images that perfectly complement each other. Having many of both styles also shows my clients how model-worthy they are. And then makes them laugh, cry, and feel all the feels from their wedding day!

If you want candid moments and portraits that make you look like a model, you can expect me to deliver both! I photograph all the important details, the dress, the florals, the styling, the table decor… everything that you’ve lovingly obsessed over. Plus I’m there to create those all-important showstoppers, the romantic and modern pictures of you both as newlyweds. We’re so excited to show you some of our newest images this year.

My style is most appealing to couples who admire fashion, individuality, and romance. I approach every wedding day with a unique perspective based on what I have gotten to know about each couple throughout the planning process! 

Let us document your day

If you’re looking for an editorial wedding photographer to document your day, I would love to learn more about your vision. To get in touch, you can fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch soon! In the meantime, check out our Instagram profile to get a broader view of my portfolio and start gaining inspiration for your own wedding.  

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What is Editorial Wedding Photography

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